Jack Advising

"Fifty years of friendship with Jack has given me the ability to celebrate his giving spirit and his leadership qualities, which led to his dynamic success. This book is a must read for any entrepreneur who wants to develop a successful business future."
- Jack Kappus, Retired CEO, The Kappus Company


Teaching From the Heart

Jack Kahl & Associates, LLC is a Cleveland-based management consulting firm that is dedicated to developing and inspiring the next generation of business leaders. JK&A offers a wide variety of business advisory services to organizations ranging in size from entrepreneurial firms to Fortune 500 companies.

For more information on how to bring Jack Kahl's leadership and management consulting expertise to your organization, please contact us at (440) 808-2032.

From the Mailbox

"I was about to burst with pride to see what had been accomplished (at Manco). I am humbled by the opportunity to have been part of our fine relationship for many years."
- Sam Walton, Founder, Wal-Mart

"The culture you have created at Manco is especially interesting to me. I now join the long list of your fans and admirers."
- Keith Reinhard, CEO, DDB Needham

"We believe that your style of leadership, as depicted through your vivid examples and philosophies, will truly set the tone for today's managers as they strive to incorporate leadership into their management roles."
- Bette Price, Author of "True Leaders"

"Manco is our global benchmark for relationship marketing. It's hands down the most passionate, innovative navigator of commerce I have ever seen."
- Randall Root, Founder, Root Publishing

"As a new entrepreneur, I thoroughly enjoyed you sharing with me the values and beliefs that have contributed to the success in your life. The people that were fortunate enough to work with you were truly blessed to have a leader with your genuine qualities. Sam Walton would be proud."
- Ed Wegryn, President, E-Ventus Corporation