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"You did a marvelous job of integrating the elements of leadership in demonstrating and explaining the synchronistic nature of servant leadership."
- Joe Hardin, Former CEO & President, Kinkos & Former CEO, Sam's Wholesale

About the Book
Leading From the Heart

You'll Never Look At Leadership The Same Way

Drawing from his thirty years of entrepreneurial experience, his friendship with Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., and years of self-motivated study, Jack Kahl reveals the true spirit of leadership.

In 1971, Kahl made the investment of a lifetime: he bought a small, Cleveland company with revenues of just $800,000, renamed the company Manco, Inc., and began creating one of the most exciting business stories ever. By the time Kahl retired in 2000, the company was selling consumer products to the best retailers around the globe and had achieved revenues of more than $300 million. He sold the company in 1998, sharing 30% of the wealth - some $27 million - with his "partners," a title long held by every Manco employee.

With Leading From the Heart, Kahl brings a unique and powerful lesson to all aspiring leaders: leadership begins with a choice - a choice to serve others that comes from the heart. But this choice is only the beginning. The servant leader must be of strong character and seek knowledge endlessly. Today's leaders must be creative, passionate, disciplined, and courageous people who still make the time to care for others.

Like a coach calling from the sidelines, urging you to push your hardest and achieve your best, Kahl, with the aid of co-author Tom Donelan, has written a truly remarkable and inspiring book. Leading From the Heart is a succinct lesson - a must read for anyone who aspires to realize his or her potential as a leader, and for all who seek to unite ethics, integrity, and business savvy with the bottom line.